¿Is the website down? ¿Is it out of order? ¿Why doesn't it load?

¿How to tell if a website is down?

All of us have met wanting to visit a website, but somehow seems to be down. How to tell if a website is down for everyone or just for you?. Most people first check their own Internet connection, it is definitely advisable, however, very often the downfall of a website, interruptions or downtime are not caused by the visitors internet connection or network problems. There are many reasons why a website could be down or blocked. First, you should verify that you can access other websites, if this is the case, just use our website and in most cases we will let you know if the site is down for everyone or just for you

Is it me or is down

There are several other reasons which could be causing this website downtime, however, 90 percent of all website crashes are caused by the reasons we mention below. So ¿what can be done to check if the website is actually down, or is it down just for you? Of course the first thing to do is check your network connection. Check if you are connected to the Internet and, if so, first try loading other websites. If you find a problem, then you can check the availability of the website. You can use our web tool to see what is causing the problem. Just enter the URL of the website and automatically will give you information on whether the site cab be accessed from our server or not. If you do a quick search on the web you will find many other similar testers, but our check is definitely the best.

You have to know that not all websites can be visited by everyone. Some sites have restrictions based on the country and can only be accessed from certain locations. However, there is an intelligent solution to that problem that is called VPN (Virtual Private Network). When you connect to the Internet, you give your IP address, which tells the website where you are. If you use a VPN service, you can navigate using another IP address that is accepted by the website. A VPN is a server which encrypts information you send, such as your IP address, giving the server a different IP address. You can find a VPN service that easily connects you to the website from a different location to which you are actually, for example, from the United States.

¿What can cause a website down?

These are the most common causes of downtime of a website:

  • The site could be down for maintenance. In most cases you will see a message stating this, but not always.
  • Overloaded web server. Each website is hosted at a hosting company in a server, but the server can only serve a certain number of simultaneous requests. Depending on the site hosting plan, when too many people are using the website, the server may fail causing the site to be down. This is one of the most common reasons.
  • It could there be a power outage on the webserver facilities.
  • The server itself may be down for maintenance.
  • There could be a website programming error.
  • The website owner could have disabled the website for reasons unknown to us.
  • It is not allowed to visit the site from your location.

¿How else can you check if a website is down?

There are some websites that could make impossible the task of checking its current online status through our service. If our status checker tool tell you that the website is currently down, but want to be completely sure, or just trying to figure out what is wrong with the site that you can not access, there is a trick of how to diagnose potential problems with lack of access to a website.

If the website you are trying to access is very popular, you might not be the only one having problems. It may be many others complaining of availability of this website on Twitter. You can try to search their tweets by seraching, for example, Facebook down in the search form on Twitter.

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